Monday, October 8, 2007

Baby Shower Invitations In Progress!

Tonight I finished setting the type for a baby shower invitation. It's a two color design, with a mix of custom plates and hand-set type. I had ordered plates for the gerber daisy motif and some script that I wanted to use for the invitation and printed it in pink:

While I was waiting for the first pink run to dry, I began setting type. Tonight, I worked out the line spacing and locked the form into the chase. I didn't have enough slugs in the right size, so I used smaller sizes. Not the most ideal, but it gets the job done. The type is pretty secure in there, so I think it'll be OK:

I pulled a test print with no ink, just impression, and it came out great:

Tomorrow in daylight, I'm going to finish up these invitations, printing the text in a lovely green color. Here's hoping it turns out well!
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