Thursday, March 27, 2008


Yesterday while I was cleaning the press, one of the cats knocked over a bunch of paper and coasters I had been working on. This is par for the course with working at home. I keep the door open so the fumes don't accumulate, so the animals pretty much get to go wherever they want. So far, with one grand exception, there haven't been major problems.

Today when I came in, I noticed that my jar of metallic silver was turned over, lid off, on my poor carpeted floor. I can only imagine that I didn't put the lid back on tight, and when a cat (I blame Jezebel) knocked it off my desk, the lid came off and well, there was a big pool of metallic silver ink on my light beige carpet.

Now I know it's my own fault for putting these materials on carpet to begin with, but hey, the carpet was there already! Luckily I got it all out. Here's what I did. I first picked up what I could of the ink without spreading it even more. Then I used "Paint Clean Up" to get the bulk of the ink out of the carpet. With that done with it, I got out diluted California Wash, my steam cleaner (yes, I have a steam cleaner), and a bunch of carpet cleaning detergent. I filled up my steam cleaner with water and detergent, and, dousing the stain with the diluted California Wash, used the steam cleaner to clean the rest of the stain. Thank goodness!


Trystan said...

I'm impressed, I think I would have cried instead. Great tip!

Poppy Letterpress said...

I don't often gasp outloud when I read someone's blog, but I did just now! I'm with Trystan - I would've just cried a lot (never solves anything though).

Good on you for some quick thinking!

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