Friday, June 27, 2008

Dot dot dot...

Remember those letterpress business cards I alluded to?

I met Diana of Ellipses PR about a month ago at Bazaar Bizarre, and it's been a pretty fun ride ever since. She asked me if I could do some letterpress business stationery for her public relations firm. Our original concept was her logo on the card, paired with brown envelopes letterpress printed in metallics. Do you notice that the accent color is metallic mauve? I heart metallics on dark envelopes! Diana and I decided on the ellipses (you know, the multiple dot dot dots) border on the bottom:

Here's a closeup of the logo. I love the impression:

Diana also put in an order for letterpress business cards. Here they are, with rounded corners:

I also printed white envelopes for Diana's business stationery, in case she didn't want to use a metallic pen for the envelope. Here's the entire suite:


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