Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fits and Starts: Business Update

Things are generally going well here at Joie Studio. I am still missing items for the letterpress (including ink!), although at this point, I have enough to get started. I designed two possible websites for Joie Studio. Now I'm just letting them both sit, and I'll figure out in a couple days which of the two designs I like better.

In the meantime, I'm continuing to photograph all the different projects I have done. I have started designing wedding invitations for letterpress, including a custom one for one of my good friends. I am also making letterpress business cards for another good friend and longtime client. We are doing the cards to match the business website I made for her, and the design is simple, modern, and fabulous! My sister and I are also talking about whether we should affiliate our event planning services or not.

Being a great lover of dogs and cats, we are also donating web development services and an event website redesign to Bow Wow and Meows, which is the one of the largest adoption fairs in Los Angeles County.

What an April this has been!

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