Friday, April 20, 2007

Step 2: Get Supplies and Equipment

On Wednesday, I got a little care package from Dave Churchman (, (317) 849-5665). Dave Churchman is a nice letterpress dealer in Indianapolis. It contained all the furniture and quoins I had ordered from him.

When I opened the package from him, there was quite a bit of a surprise! Not only was there an insane amount of furniture (Dave offered to sell me "an assortment of furniture in useful sizes" for my press), but Dave had packaged in a couple of extras because it had taken him some time to get the shipment to me (I very inconveniently asked him to send me stuff right before Easter).

Not only did he send along a bunch of leads and slugs along with everything I ordered, but he also sent two envelopes, one marked "Your Press?" and one marked "1st Job?"

Inside of the first envelope was a little dingbat resembling my Golding Official:

Inside the second envelope marked "1st Job?" was a monogram "P" cut and my name, already type set!

Along with these two envelopes, Dave sent another enveloped marked, "Saved from the Hell Box," which contained a WHOLE LOT of dingbats that I haven't yet gone through. Thank you so so much, Dave for all the equipment and all the extras!

I still have a bunch of stuff that I need, but I now have officially enough to print! I did a test run yesterday, with good results. I had bought some metallic gold ink from a local ink supplier here in Los Angeles named Accent Ink ((323) 268-1807), and the President of the company gave me some black ink to try out as well. I didn't take pictures of the whole process, but I did get 25 good cards out of it, and I will post pictures of those later. It took awhile to get the impression even and the packing just right, but I think I'm now ready for a real run!

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Anonymous said...

I just happen to stumble across this and wanted to note that Dave Churchman's phone number is now 317-849-1616 for those who need Letter Press equipment. Email is still the same.

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