Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pinks & Reds

Tis the season for pinks and reds! I'm participating in Poppytalk Handmade this month, and I thought I would share some new items I have been printing.

This card has been sitting around waiting to be finished for MONTHS, but the right color of pink never went on the press. Finally:

Thank You Card

Then, people who were lucky enough to buy my 2008 calendar may recognize this flower:

Rose Card

And what's the Valentine season without a love card?

Plain and Simple: I Love You.

All are available in my Etsy shop! Enjoy!
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Ming said...

Hi Tina! I'm so enjoying reading your blogs, they're very descriptive and humourous. My question is, on one of your blogs you mentioned you had to score your cards after printing them, and I would like to know what tool you use to do that? In the past I've used an exacto knife to lightly score it, but I didn't really like the results.

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