Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Golding Official #4 Needs a Good Home

So as much as I'd love to keep my Golding Official #4, space as always is at a premium in my studio and the Golding Official just doesn't get as much use as it could. I'm sure someone looking for a press would love to have it, and I think it'll make a great first press for anyone out there. To that end, I've decided to take offers for my Golding Official, complete with a starter kit. Here's what I'm offering:

- 1919 Golding Official #4, complete with 6" x 9" chase and rubber rollers - recently printed wedding invitations and coasters
- 4-6 quoins and one quoin key
- Some wood furniture and reglets
- 1 lb of soy-based black ink
- Some sets of type and printer's cuts to get you started
- 1 ream of Crane's Lettra 110lb (125 sheets)

I'm putting it on the blog first, but I will also put it on Briarpress once I figure out exactly what type I'm going to send out along with it. My thought is some Century Schoolbook and maybe Copperplate, but I'm unsure at this point. Local pickup is preferred I won't crate the Official for shipment and it's worth too much to just put in a cardboard box and hope for the best. But if you can figure out shipping, then I'll be more than happy to accommodate.

You can send your bids to me at tina[at]

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