Thursday, April 1, 2010

Metallic Ink on Dark Brown

I couldn't decide whether to post something more...I dunno...foolish today since it's APRIL FOOLS (Happy April Fool's Day!). But I couldn't think of anything so instead I will share some more awesome letterpress invitations for you to look at:

My latest craze is letterpress printing invitations with metallic inks on dark paper. I especially the look of the metallic ink on dark brown -- there is something just so rich looking and luxurious about it. Added to that, the metallic ink is a vegetable oil based ink -- totally eco-friendly!

The top pic is a housewarming invitation done with metallic pewter on some leftover brown paper I found laying around the studio. The bottom is a restaurant opening invitation we did for Bourbon Steak in Washington, DC, on 30% PCW chocolate brown paper -- double eco-friendly and totally chic!

The kicker is that since it's only one color, metallic on dark paper is on the whole CHEAPER than a two-color letterpress project because there's only one color. No fooling!



Anonymous said...

hi there, lovely work! would you mind sharing exactly what kind of ink you used and where you got it? I need some copper ink for a small wedding invite job and I hate to buy a whole 1 lb custom mixed can...

thanks! Hannah

Tina said...

Hi Hannah,

I get my ink in 1 lb cans from Accent Ink in Los Angeles. It's their metallic based ink. The Gold is PMS873 and the pewter is a custom mix that I did here. They hand mix their inks using vegetable oil, which I love, and they're really affordable. I also think they have more sparkles than Van Son as they are shiny. Hope that helps!


Megan said...

Hi Tina! Where did you get your dark brown paper? I'm interested in colored paper that's good for letterpress, but I'm not sure where to begin looking!


Tina said...

Hi Megan,
The dark brown paper on top is a remnant in the studio - I have no idea where it came from. The bottom is French Paper Speckletone (100% recycled!) Chocolate (you can get it directly from French Paper but I get through my vendors) -- that one is nice and I prefer it to Paper Source's chocolate, but we've used that around here as well, and that's been fine. Hope that helps!

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