Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today I lost one of my most beloved companions, my darling cat of 7 years. Sambora, named after my favorite guitarist, was hit by a car this morning. He went out when I left to take my baby to daycare, and when I returned, he was lying on the sidewalk just across the street from our home crying loudly but laying so still. We took him to the vet, where the vet surmised that he had been hit by a car. While the vet did everything he could, his injuries were just too severe.

My ferocious cat with a sweet nature and a gentle heart is gone. He was a happy-go-lucky cat, always happy to greet a stranger or friend with a meow and a demand to be pet. And he was beautiful. People often asked where we got him and were usually surprised when they learned he came from the local Humane Society. I got him when he was 3 months old, sick and dying of a fungal infection but still racing around and jumping into trash cans. He was so silly with his antics. I was suprised one day when one of his photos was forwarded back to me by a friend - one of his photos that I posted online was on LOLcats. Sam was no pushover, he was a mighty cat - clumsy but fast and strong. As much as we tried to keep him indoors he wanted to be outside. He would bulldoze me at the front door to get out. He broke two window screens to be outside, where he loved to frolick, chase squirrels, watch the birds, and climb up our low tree.
Sambora's love had no bounds. He came when called and patiently let us have our way with him. He was always there for a hug, to be pet, to provide comfort. He gave out kisses freely. When we brought Romeo in to our home, Sambora slept with the puppy, played with him, and groomed him. There was never anything but love with Sambora. And he was so good when we brought our baby home. We never had to fear what Sambora would do when the baby got rough. And the baby was rough - he pulled at poor Sam's tail, wrestled him to the ground, and petted him in the clumsy rough ways that young toddlers do. Sambora would take it all and loved the baby all the same. "Babo," as my son called him, was kissed and hugged and loved by my son, and tonight it was especially hard to hear my little boy call for his "Babo."
Sambora has been there for me for 7 years. To celebrate with me, to console me, to love me. He helped me start Joie Studio with his love and support. Usually when I feel like this Sam would be right here, saddled up right next to me for as long as I need. And alas tonight he is not. I am heartbroken.
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