Thursday, March 10, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Lauren Wedding Invitations

Introducing Joie Studio's "Lauren" invitation - one of our new designs from the Couture Collection. I love the color combination of lemon yellow with our warm dove grey. I think it's just so stunning used together. And this has been one of those invitation designs that has been sitting around, just waiting for its day to shine. I've been trying to hold off on sharing before the National Stationery Show, but what fun would that be?

One of my favorite little details about this design suite, and I honestly don't know if you can even see it in the picture above, is that the RSVP checkboxes mimic the the monogram design.
I don't generally favor lemon, but the colors inspired me to buy these lemon yellow Crocs to match:
Now I am wondering which of my other designs could stand a little lemon yellow pop to them. Hope you like Lauren! I sure do!


Shelley Barandes said...

That's a beautiful color! It's so hard to get a yellow that's vibrant and present enough (not washed out) but not screaming neon at the same time. Well done!!!

Tina said...

Thanks Shelley! It was a lot of work to get that yellow to be...well...that yellow. But so worth it.

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