Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Custom Stamps Now Available!

Here's the story that we hear a lot of. Our clients love letterpress, but they need their envelopes first. They want to get a head start addressing the envelopes, they have a calligrapher they are working with, they want to line the envelopes, etc., etc. They don't want to wait for the letterpress printing of their envelopes. OR they want to save a little bit of money and they want an alternative to letterpress for their envelopes.

It's taken awhile for us to get here, but here it is -- Joie Studio's custom stamps. The rubber stamps are made with beautiful wood and laser cut red rubber:

We will design a return address stamp that matches your invitation design and turn it into a custom stamp for you. Or, if you have a calligrapher, have the calligrapher write out your return address and we can digitize it and create a matching return stamp for you. You can get your own stamp pad at your local craft store or you can have us package a stamp kit for you with a Color Box ink pad.

I love this because you can continue using the stamps for your return address on future mailings. It's a lovely piece to keep for yourself. It's kind of exciting here because this is the first non-letterpress product we're really going to offer. It's one of the first of some pretty exciting things we're doing here at Joie Studio!

We're working on having some "ready-to-order" designs, but for now, contact us if you're interested in getting just the stamp.

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