Friday, June 25, 2010

Sneak Peek: Hawaiian Style!

I have to admit - I'm missing home just a little bit. No, not my home in Pasadena. Home. Hawaii. Honolulu. Where I grew up. The last time I was back to Hawaii was 3 Christmases ago. And airfare is expensive and I have a year old baby and my family keeps coming to visit so I have little reason to go back home anytime soon. * Sigh * I pulled out a design that I had plated awhile back (in 2008) and never got around to printing, and it made me feel just a little more connected to home. Here's a sneak peek at my Hawaiian inspired letterpress:
After the first run of aqua (top), I was thinking I should just stop because the print looked SO good with just one color. Then I put the second color on and I was completely in love with that look, too. So now I'm conflicted on if I will offer the single color or not. Both look awesome:
Here's the persimmon/aqua combination, complete with coordinating persimmon envelope:
And a closeup:

I'm loving how the white unprinted areas just pop so beautifully as an outline to the hibiscus. The persimmon/aqua combination is an A2 flat stationery set, and it's a special combination in celebration of summer. The other color combos you see above are for upcoming cards.

Have a great Aloha Friday!

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