Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beth Cohen Riding Business Card

I just finished a set of business cards for my good friend and longtime client, Beth Cohen. I designed her website for her, and she wanted business cards to match. Here is the design and layout of the business card I designed for her:

To do this, I had two plates made, one for the blue (PMS 306) and one for the brown (PMS 4705). I decided on Crane's 179lb cover in pearl white for the business cards. I custom mixed the colors and set out to print.

Step 1: Blue

Generally you want to print from light to dark, so I started out with the blue. The hardest part is getting the alignment right and avoiding having the gauge pins smashed by the plate. Here is the first color on the card:

Step 2: Brown

After the first color had dried (with rubber based ink, about 2 days in sunny southern California), I started up the press with brown. Generally, you don't want to print the second color while the first color is still wet (the term for this, I believe, is "wet on wet") because there's a chance that the colors will mix and mess up your whole print job. Especially with this color combination. Again, the hardest part of the brown step was the alignment and setting the gauge pins correctly.


And here is the final product!

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