Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Joie Studio Business Card

Letterpressing business cards is hard work! The last couple days, I have been working on business cards for Joie Studio. In retrospect, it seems kind of silly since I haven't even set up the email that's on the card yet. Nor have I gotten to building out the website. Grrr...

Anyhow, like the Beth Cohen Riding business cards, the Joie Studio design is a 2 color concept, with the four Joie dragonflies in the back in a light pink and the text in front in a deep red color. I also printed this on Crane's 179lb cover in pearl white.

Step 1: Pink

This design is a lot easier than Beth's since the second color will lay on top of the first color -- no need for exact registration as in Beth's design.

Here are the dragonflies:

Step 2: Red

After the pink had dried, I mixed PMS 201 (I had originally mixed PMS 199, but I decided it was too "Corvette" red, and I wanted a deeper, more burgundy tone) and started on the second color. Here is my plate, inked up with red:

Here is a card with the first color on, on the press for the second color:


Here is the final product! Now, to get started on setting up the email address before anyone tries to email Joie Studio!


kristin said...

i see the clips with tape keeping your paper aligned. what are these things, and where can i buy some? (i'm just using tape, and hoping it won't pull fibers from the paper)


Tina said...

Hi Kristin,

Those are registration guides, which you can find here:

Thanks for reading!

kristin said...

thanks so much, tina. GREAT work on here.

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