Friday, July 30, 2010

Hina Matsuri Letterpress Card

Okay, so I will have to admit that it has taken me FOREVER to actually take product photos of this card. And it's really funny, too, because I meant for this card to be sold in January or February for Girl's Day (in Hawaii) or Hina Matsuri (in Japan) on March 3rd, so I printed them two Februarys ago but didn't finish them in time for Girl's Day. And I sold out of the ones I had packaged at Unique LA Holiday and never got around to scoring and packing the rest of the cards that I had printed. But *whew* finally! Here they are, my three Japanese dolls letterpress printed in three gorgeous colors.

As an aside, this was one of my first forays in photopolymer using a homemade aluminum base that my cousin helped mill. And it's one of the first projects that I did on the Vandercook 4 after attaining it.

It's listed in the Etsy shop! Enjoy!

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