Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sneak Peek: Wedding Vows Invitations

We have been at the drawing board at Joie Studio! I think Leigh of hapa | hale asked me once how long it takes me to come up with designs, and in answer to that -- a long time! I think we dream up and discard so many designs and go through so many versions of a design before we decide it is the best that it can be. It's been over 2 years since we introduced new wedding invitation designs, and we're almost ready to debut our new additions to our LUXE letterpress. These two I love. I call them my Vows invitations. I envision these invitation on a super thick and fluffy stock (maybe a 530GSM or 600GSM cardstock), with scripted text in a blind impression and the words in either gorgeous black on pearl white paper or chocolate brown on ivory paper. So so decadent. So Oh, I love just thinking about it!

Here is a sneek peek --

"To Have & To Hold" Invitation

This invitation is designed to be on a #10 card. There is still a lot of internal discussion as to what other sizes "To Have & To Hold" should be offered in.

"Love, Honor, Cherish" Invitation
"Love, Honor, Cherish" is full of gorgeous flourishes. Designed for A7 or a deLUXE A9, it is so classic and elegant, and the script just adds such romance to the design.

Hope you enjoyed the sneek peek! Check back for more designs! We'll be introducing them soon!

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