Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quails of a Feather...

Introducing the Quails of a Feather!

This is the marquee card of the collection -- "One of a Kind." I printed this card maybe a year (or over a year ago) and never got around to printing the message inside. Life (or JoieBaby), I guess, got the best of me. But I carved out some time a couple weeks ago to finish the card after Shino from Fugu Fugu Press helped me score all my A2s lying around here. Thank goodness for friends! Some of you who have seen the Momma Quail Mother's Day card at craft shows have already been introduced to the collection, but I love my little quirky quail!

I really love the design. It reminds me to celebrate uniqueness. And I can't help but smile whenever I see this quail letterpress printed on bright white 100% recycled paper. It's a gorgeous bright white stock.

I don't generally do inside messages, but since I wanted to flood the card with quails, the message went inside in the same orange as the one of a kind quail in front:

Here is a closeup of One-of-a-Kind Quail:
I just love how the eyes pop and show the impression. And of course, in the back is Joie Studio's logo:

I've listed this card on Etsy. I think I only printed like 50 of them for the first run (I was pregnant, I was tired, I probably had to pee). Get them while they last!

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