Friday, August 31, 2007

A Pearl of a Press!

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I am so excited! I have been scouring and annoying letterpress people and dealers up and down from here to the midwest looking for a Golding Pearl Improved for the whole summer. And just when I had given up and started trying to justify putting one of those large 1,000lb presses on the 4th floor of a residential building, one of the people I had contacted called and told me he had a Golding Pearl for me! It's a Golding Pearl Improved 7x11, like in the picture above, but without the the automatic inker on top and also without the treadle (foot pedal). It does have a cool homemade variable motor system, though! I'm excited to bring it home and get to work fixing it up!

Now it's questionable whether I will keep my tabletop Golding Official #4 or not. I haven't decided. I just spent a lot of time cleaning up and restoring the Golding Official, and, as you can see, it prints great. I know there are a lot of letterpress enthusiasts out there that would love to have a press like the Official, but at the same time, it's my first press and I do love it. But I'm unsure that I really need two presses. Oh what to do!


Kim_0421 said...

eep! congrats! i'm a frequent lurker/admirer of your blog and a newbie to letterpress hoping to start out soon - if you do decide to sell your press, I would love to purchase it from you! :D

Elysse said...

Hey Tina! Thanks for blogging about your boyfriend and I just built a homemade Letterpress with some help from the Briar community! If you do infact sell your press, please let me know...I am in the LA area and would pick it up in a heartbeat!

Elysse Espiritu

simongoode said...

that's great, how did you get on with it??

I have just acquired one - going to pick it up this weekend, i'm so excited!

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