Friday, August 24, 2007

Soft opening of Etsy Store soon -- starting up a mailing list!


So it's been quite a month! I'm finishing up some printing projects this weekend, and then it's time to turn my attention to opening up shop. I've decided on opening up an Etsy store, although eventually I will have stuff on my website to sell. I believe I will have a soft opening in early September, where I'm going to put up letterpress printed items, including some coasters, card sets, and greeting cards, up for sale at "Pre-Grand Opening" prices (in other words, super low, almost at cost). This is my way of saying thanks for all the support on this blog and is meant to give friends, staunch supporters, and clients an early chance to get some letterpress items and provide me with some feedback.

Included in this sale will be the linoleum print cards of Jezebel (the cat) and Romeo (the dog). I'm going to donate 50% of the proceeds to an animal organization in light of all these horrible things coming up in the news (Michael Vick, Buxton puppy mill, etc.).

I won't be announcing the soft opening of Joie Studio's Etsy shop, so if you would like to be informed of this sale, please join our low spam mailing list by emailing me at joiestudio[at]

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