Saturday, August 18, 2007

Website Delay and Some Sneek Peeks

So my goal was to have my new website up and ready, but I've been busy finishing up printing projects, photographing everything I've done, finalizing some designs for the holiday season (yes, already!) and my first ever wedding invitation line, so the website has been delayed for just a wee bit. While I'm working on the designs, I thought I would give you a sneek peek at what I've been up to.

Joie Studio Wedding Invitations

I'm creating wedding invitations that are organized around specific themes. These designs are the jumping off point and are fully customizable. All the ink will be mixed by hand and custom matched to whatever color my client desires, and I'm getting a font list ready.

Here is a design out of what I call my "Old Paradise" line, designed on a square invitation with forest green and poppy orange with a bird of paradise motif:

Here is another one out of "Old Paradise," designed on 5" by 7" ecru invitation card to evoke more of an old world feeling:

I'm working on the pricing sheets, but if anyone is interested in either of these designs or if you want to see the other designs in the wings right now, let me know!

2008 Calendars of Joie!

I'm also working on 2008 letterpress desk calendars. I've got 2 different calendars designed, which is really ambitious, since 100 calendars means printing 1,300 good sheets. But here is a sneek preview of my flower calendar, which I've tentatively named "Flowering Joie 2008."

In Japan, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in April, and the country celebrates with a huge cherry blossom festival. I've always associated cherry blossoms with April, so it's only fitting that I use them as April's flower.

Any one of the flower motifs used in the calendar can also be used for custom design, so I think this is a nice way to get a letterpressed sampler of Joie Studio.

I am starting a presale since these are going to be limited runs. Presales will get a special bonus! Contact me directly if you want to be notified when the presale begins in early September.

Collaboration in the Works

I'm also in discussions for a Christmas collaboration with an exciting indie designer. I'll let you know if it works out!

Enjoy everything I have in the works! And keep an eye out for the new website. Whew! What a load!

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