Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ah, Mr. Otter, we barely knew you!

I knew otters were fast. And I knew people loved otters. But what I didn't realize was how fast the otter letterpress card packs would fly off my display this past weekend at Bazaar Bizarre. I mean, I was getting all these stories about how people LOVED otters. I saw a wrist tattoo that said "OTTER." A nice lady told me she learned to dive with the dream of one day diving with otters. Men came up to me and told me that they NEEDED to buy the otter cards. Mr. Otter had a very nice weekend up in San Mateo, majorly upstaging his neighbor Mr. Peacock. And now he's completely sold out. Completely. Not one left. He's now high on my list for a reprint, so don't panic if you wanted some otters in your life. Mr. Otter will be back soon!
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