Saturday, May 10, 2008

Love Fruits: Up Close & Personal!

What's this new logo? Well, since Shop Toast & Joie Studio's collaborations are going so well, I decided that we needed our own special logo that incorporates both of our logos and both of our websites.

I know I gave you all a driveby glance of the Love Fruits last week in my pictures of Bazaar Bizarre, but here are some closeup pics of the Love Fruits, so you can admire Michelle's design and my letterpress printing!

The first fruit that started it all was the red apple. It was honestly meant to be a Valentine's Day card (yes, we started that far back), but it didn't get done in time because it's a monster to print with a major pattern in the back and three colors to boot. But I adore the way it came out:

The Apple of My Eye (red)

So then once that ball got rolling, I really don't remember how it went but I said something and maybe Michelle was already thinking of more cards for an entire line, but suddenly there were four more fruits in the line. The green apple card was a pretty logical second card in the line, except that it has a whopping FOUR colors that are ALL letterpress printed:

The Apple of My Eye (green)

Here is the crowd favorite, the cherry, with three colors, and a gorgeous scalloped round border around the cherry. The letterpress debosses the blue area, which gives the scalloped border an embossed effect. Gorgeous:

Ma Cherie, My Darling

Then, because it's trite and done and done again, we had to do it, too. Yes, it's the love pears, with the oh so famous saying:

The Perfect Pair

The final one stumped us for awhile on what to use as the "love fruit" phrase. I sent a bunch of ideas to Michelle, and she selected one for the card. Last week, it was the most sold Love Fruit card sold at Bazaar Bizarre, mainly because people felt it was the Love Fruit card best suited for Mother's Day!
Tangerine Kisses

They are currently available on Etsy as a set and will eventually be available in singles at retail locations in Honolulu and Menlo Park! I'm trying to decide whether or not to sell them singly on line, but you'll be the first to know!

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phil said...

Hey Tina,

It was nice to meet you at Maker Faire.. thanks for explaining to me your letterpressing knowledge. Keep up the good work!


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