Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keeping Secrets

In my family, I'm known as the blabbermouth. Can't keep a secret. I've become better at it, but secrets eat away at me inside. I HAVE to tell somebody. I've got awesome new things going on at the studio, new summer designs, new wedding designs, new super awesome clients, new super rad custom designs for clients, and super rad collaborations in the works. And I want to share them all. People who come over to my home see the new projects in production, why shouldn't my blog readers?

But I'm a grown up now. I need to start to learn restraint and control. The collaborations aren't set in stone, my wedding invitation's pages needs to get built, and so on and so forth. I'd hate to share something that eventually won't happen, so for now, I need to keep my mouth shut. But there are lots and lots of fun and exciting things going on at the studio!

I will share one of the exciting things that happened the other day is that I showed my husband how to do something on Illustrator. Now, this might sound silly to you, but my husband is a wizard at Illustrator and usually it's me bothering him on how to do something in Illustrator. In fact, he drew out a concept for me last year that I'm just now putting into production and is working to digitize our great artist friend Matt Cox's work for Joie Studio. (Was that sharing one of the secrets??? See? Blabbermouth!) My husband is a 3d artist and I know you've seen his work because he's done 3d modeling for some major toys, movies, commercials, and video games. But I was finishing up a new design and when he saw what I was doing and asked how I did it. When I showed him my method in Illustrator and he was impressed by it, I was floored that I knew something about Illustrator that he didn't.

Anyhow, Saturday's always a busy day around here, so I'd better start my day! Till later, I promise I will share letterpress yumminess soon!

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