Thursday, May 13, 2010

The New Kid on the Block

Introducing the newest member of Joie Studio...the youngest press here, a Heidelberg Windmill. I still have to get a press mechanic out to give it a tune up and help me wire it up, but I'm very very excited to have the Windmill here.

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Emily Cummings said...

Hi Tina,

My name is Emily and I've been following your blog (lurking... I guess) for a while now. Your experiences have taught me so much! I have a design and printmaking background, but am more of a beginner in letterpress (I have a c&p pilot). Anyway, I know it may be hasty, but I just wanted to let you know that if you are ever interested in selling your pearl, I would be VERY interested in buying it. I've had my eye out for one for almost 9 months now. I am local (here in Long Beach) and it would go to a good home. Well, keep that in mind, and now that I've commented once I'm sure I will again on other blog posts since I always enjoy your reports. Take care!

Emily Cummings
EmilyRCummings at

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