Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stationery Show 2010, Part 2: Some LA Friends

Los Angeles represent!

I had lots of fun meeting up with letterpress studios from Los Angeles! There were more but I kept forgetting to take pictures. Fugu Fugu, of course, was present with their brand new booth walls, built in Pasadena and shipped to New York. Maginating & Tiselle also put up their own walls, which I find amazing. A little treat at Tiselle's booth was finding out that Tiselle's Dan is also Dan from college! Dan and I went to college together and were in the same dorm for a year. Always so funky. I also got to meet the fun kids that run Paper Loop Cards and Kelp Designs, who I met over Twitter (follow @joiestudio on Twitter!), and a bunch of other people from Los Angeles including the ever elegant ladies from DeMilo Designs.

It's rather interesting that there is such a huge number of people from the West Coast, but nothing quite like this on the Pacific side of the States. I do have to note that it does give advantage to card companies and studios on the East Coast, where they could potentially just drive their stuff to the show and save tremendously on shipping costs. Anyhow, more pictures to post and share tomorrow!

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