Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wedding Invitations Done!

I finished my first set of wedding invitations on the letterpress! This was a custom design collaboration between the bride, my husband, and me. The bride wanted to replicate the floral design on her wedding dress on the invitations. Using the picture below, I drew out a stylized design for my husband to create digitally.

And here is a sneak preview of what the final invitation looks like. I will put the whole invitation set up for your perusal in a bit. The images I have are pre-assembly. The bride bought the enclosures for the invitations and will be assembling them herself.

I learned a lot throughout this whole process. I have pictures that I took while I was making these lovely invites, and I'll be posting those shortly as well. Enjoy!
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outside cheer said...

Aloha! Great blog, love your work!
The final product turned out beautiful! I sent over some pictures for you to see how everything came together. Hope you got them all!


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