Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So much to do...

With my first upcoming show this Saturday, I still have so much to do, and it does NOT help that the electricity will be shut off on Wednesday, which is one of my last days to print. Luckily I have a tabletop, hand-operated press, but that means the next couple days are big printing days in the studio!

My longtime friend is helping me with an e-commerce solution, which will give Joie Studio an online shop on its own site. As much as I like Etsy, I'm pricing my items a little higher to account for all the Etsy fees, and I would much rather charge my clients and customers less! This probably will not be ready until early next year, but it's an exciting development.

And probably one of the most exciting things in the works is a holiday collaboration with Shop Toast! To tell you just a little about it, it's a 3 color letterpress holiday card with a "Naughty/Nice" theme. I can't wait to finish and share!

Oh, and the letterpress calendars are going fast! Get yours in my Etsy shop or email me at shop[at]joiestudio.com before they're sold out!

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