Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Clock is Ticking...

So, Joie Studio was buzzing the last couple weeks of June with finishing up our major work for the CLOCK BAR. It was lots of fun working with the Mina Group and their publicists. I designed the invitations and envelopes to feature the same design for each invitation, with different text for the four different invitations. All of these invitations are custom letterpress invitations (what else?), but as you saw in the previous post, I also designed digital save-the-date postcards for the events.

Here is a picture of the invites and envelopes on the work table:

A close up of the envelope flaps, complete with blind deboss:

One of the cool things I did was feature the CLOCK BAR logo in front as well, which I think really made the envelope pop:
And here are the four invitations:

I will post close up pics after the event, but I hope you like the design! The next time I'm in San Francisco, I'm definitely going to check the bar out!
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