Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ode to Client Provided Designs

I get asked this a lot over email. Yes, I can letterpress your design. You can design your own invitation and send it to me to letterpress. There are a bunch of caveats, but basically yes.

These wedding letterpress invitations were my very last project before giving birth, and they were not designed by me. Aesthetic preferences aside, left on my own, I would not have designed an invitation like this because it was actually quite challenging for me to get the final result like this, and most of Joie Studio's creations are designed with my printing quirks and preferences in mind. But my clients are my dear friends, and their dear friend and designer Mr. Tan Ly designed these. They liked this design and wanted to have it letterpress printed, and I like trying to figure out ways to make designs like this happen.

To achieve the gorgeous black ink coverage, I used the Vandercook for the black ink and then for speed I used the Pearl for the blind deboss, the burgundy, and the envelopes (not shown).

If you've designed something that you would like letterpress printed, and this is targeted to all you DIY brides and grooms out there with your DIY invitation designs, or if you are a designer with a design you would like to see letterpress printed for your client, please feel free to contact Joie Studio at

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