Monday, May 17, 2010

Stationery Show 2010, Part 1: Elum, Smock, Waste Not

Okay, while I have half an hour at JFK, waiting for my flight back to board, I thought I would make use of the free Wi-Fi and start reporting back on what I saw at the National Stationery Show yesterday. Elum's booth, as usual, was gorgeous, complete with glass tile and everything. I love Elum's work -- I think that their letterpress is amazing both in design and printing, especially if you look at the registration and how exact their registration matches up. Plus I got to meet Long and Amy, who process my photopolymer plate orders!

I caught up with Michelle of Blue Note Press and we walked the show together for awhile. She spotted Cathy from Boxcar Press (aka Smock Paper) and talked shop for a little bit. They have also made photopolymer plates for Joie Studio, so it was rather nice to finally put faces and names and voices and emails.

Probably the most exciting news in terms of paper is that Waste Not (aka Paper Source) is introducing a brand new blue called Peacock (gorgeous!) and is finally bringing back a pastel yellow called Sunshine (lovely!) to replace Butter. Everyone was extremely excited about the new colors and they were already out of Peacock swatches (they apparently just figured out the color and it's not even in the 2010 swatch books), and as soon as I get back I will have to take some pictures to show you -- we grabbed some 5" x 7" sheets of Peacock to have our own samples, so I am so so excited to finally have this gorgeous color available.

Now to sort through all the other pictures I took yesterday...
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