Monday, June 7, 2010

Stationery Show 2010, Part 5: Catalogs, Paper, and More Paper!

I finally opened up the luggage that held all the goodies from the National Stationery Show. I loved seeing everything everyone was up to. I met lots of cool people (with cool business cards to match):
Super exciting to me was Waste Not Paper's new colors -- my favorite being Peacock and Sunshine (the top two). People were going gaga over Peacock at the show. I went on day 1 and they were already out of swatch samples. They also introduced Persimmon (the orange-red below the yellow), which is very close to the Persimmon I already use in my line:

Annika at DeMilo (from right here in South Pasadena!) introduced Jute Paper, which is a sustainable paper made by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh. I love the concept of it and the paper is beautiful. DeMilo does nothing but beautiful letterpress so I know it will work well for letterpress. Annika is making the paper available to all letterpress studios, so if you want it for your custom letterpress project, let me know!
I'm also toying with adding bamboo to Joie Studio's line, and Legion's bamboo paper is gorgeous. I don't know if bamboo is any more eco-friendly than cotton, since cotton paper is made from cotton linters (waste product). Bamboo does grow viciously fast, though, and is abundant. In any case, it looks gorgeous and I will probably get some to try out. Here's a pic of the sample they were giving out, letterpress printed:
Legion Paper also had these great letterpress sample boxes of their letterpress papers:
I love this collection of art papers available that is suitable for letterpress. I can throw it into my bag and bring it to client meetings.

I am already planning next year's Stationery Show trip! Thanks, everyone, for such a good day in one of my favorite cities!

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