Monday, April 14, 2008

Eco-Savvy Paper: Well, whaddaya know?

So, I was looking at some letterpress online with a friend of mine. We share with each other to critique, snark, learn from, get inspired, pass the time, whatever. Anyway, as she was critiquing a card, I noticed that it was labeled with a bunch of "this paper is green" information. Like, taking up a lot of valuable real estate "this paper is green" information. I found this interesting because the paper in the picture looked exactly like Crane's Lettra, the very same paper that we use as house paper here at Joie Studio.

So I went to, and whaddaya know? On their "Green Since 1801" page, they list all the ways Crane is green. (This same information was condensed onto the backside of this little card we were viewing online, so yes, it was the same paper.) While I find Crane trying to covet chlorine-free by saying they don't use pure chlorine, only bleaches containing chlorine, laughable (ask me anytime about how I bitch to my paper suppliers about the extra cost for the bleaching of the bright white Crane's), I do love the fact that Crane's paper is made from recovered cotton and that Crane incinerates their trash for energy.

Joie Studio's as green as the other guys and we didn't even know it. Go figure.

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