Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fabulous Christmas Cards

I know it's a little late (or early) for Christmas cards, but I realized that I never posted these wonderful cards. A while back, I posted about these absolutely gorgeous chocolate envelopes that I letterpressed in metallic gold ink. Here is the rest of the custom Christmas card. We printed on ultra ultra thick 220lb Crane's Lettra in Ecruwhite. Then, Joie Studio also assembled the photo card, adhering 300 photographs onto these cards. Yes, that was a fun day of sniffing glue. On top of that, since these cards were so thick, we also professionally drilled holes for the ribbon. The results are gorgeous.


marsinah said...

These are beautiful! What brand of gold ink did you use? I have yet to be able to achieve that "metallic" look.. :(

Tina said...

Accent Ink here in Los Angeles! It's eco-friendly vegetable oil ink, too! Email me if you need the phone number -- I can look for it. That particular gold is PMS 873.

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