Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Phones are SO last century!

So, an odd problem just reared it's ugly little head. My business phone provider is going out of business and apparently since it's a special number, I can't just port it to any old service. The provider that I can switch to and keep my business number is WAY WAY too expensive. It's hard for me to justify paying a huge amount for a business phone number because I don't sit by the phone very often to hear it ring, and for my own safety, there isn't a phone installed in the press room, just my laptop with Wi-Fi. I call people back when I can, but right now the best way to get me is while I'm checking email while taking a break from letterpress work, since I'm finding that I'm ending letterpress runs after dark at times when I think it's too late to call people. I'm addicted to the Internet, so it's a safe bet that you'll find me online before you get me on the phone.

So I have decided instead of moving to the recommended phone provider, I am going to be changing my phone service setup completely to one that integrates my voice and fax needs into one phone number. Which means a whole new phone number. And that people won't be faxing Washington State when faxing me in California. And that the new batch of business cards that I just printed is completely worthless. Sigh. At least the business is young and the number isn't too established.

The current number will be in service until the end of 2007. Joie Studio will have a new phone and fax number in the beginning of next week. If you are ever at all confused as to how to contact me, just email me at info[at] I can call you, but please let me know what good times are to call. I'd hate to interrupt dinner!

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