Thursday, April 3, 2008

A peek into my R&D

In what little time my clients haven't taken up (hey, I'm not complaining!), I tested out printing on wood on the press.

I had sworn up and down that I'd seen other letterpress companies letterpress wood paper, but since these thin slices of wood are fairly pricey, I decided to go get some from my friendly not-in-the-neighborhood paper company way out yonder on the ever-so-trendy west side of LA to test before doing some sort of huge bulk order.

The woods from top to bottom are aspen, walnut, red cedar, cherry, and maple. Not all of these woods are going to stay in my repertoire because I found that some woods didn't print as well as others, and unless I can find a way to mitigate the problems, I won't use them. The price of wood paper is something like 10 times the price of my normal already luxurious cardstock, so I'm going to test these pieces some more with different inks and different designs to see what works and what doesn't.

I am so in love, though, with the result of this experiment. It gets me so excited thinking of the pretty little somethings I have dreamed up for this wood.
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Minh Tam Nguyen said...

Hi Tina,
check out

They laser their designs into the wood, but letterpressing it the way you do is also nice too!


Anonymous said...

I love your work! Would you be willing to share your paper source for wood veneer? Do you use 2-ply or paper back? Just curious. Keep up such creative work. You definitely have a talent.

Duvall, WA

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