Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ikea-ed out...

I was at Ikea in Burbank when I spied with my little eyes the cutest child safety item:
Joie Baby has just started really walking around on his own, and table corners never seemed so dangerous. These Ikea corner bumpers were so so awesomely cool, I bought a package for the coffee table at home. They adhere like this and are totally adorable:
So then after I brought them home and put them on my coffee table, Joie Baby came dangerously close to bumping his head on the dining room table's corner. So I figured we liked them so much I should just get a couple more packages. I was in the neighborhood and decided to go to the Ikea in Covina to get some more of these corner bumpers and searched the whole freakin' Ikea for them and they were not there. So I guess I have to go back to Burbank (argh!) to get them because now my heart is set on them. Joie Baby loves the meatballs, but man am I Ikea-ed out.

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