Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Lowdown on My First Wedding Invitation Project

Okay, so I told you awhile ago that I would blog on the process of making my first set of wedding invitations. The design was based on my good friend's wedding dress, which you can find on the previous blog post about it.

STEP 1: Turquoise

We had previously chosen two Pantone swatches to use, but when I mixed the original Pantone color we decided on, I found it too blue for the design's color scheme. So I mixed it to PMS #3268.

Setting the custom die made by Owosso Graphic in the chase, I started on the first color:

McClellan-Warren Wedding Invitation: 1st Color

I printed the lettering in the turquoise color. The bride chose to print this on luxe glass, which is a beautiful paper with just a touch of green color. I also printed this on Crane's Lettra to test it out, just to see. More on that in a later post. Here are the results of the first color run:

McClellan-Warren Wedding Invitation: 1st Color

STEP 2: Purple

My second run was purple. And third. And fourth. I used PMS #259. Everything else was being printed in the purple, so a whole week was taken up by purple. The next thing that I printed were the reply cards. The bride and groom wanted some "humorous" reply cards in addition to regular reply cards for those that they were afraid would be offended by the reply card. Here was their special reply card:

06 06 07 020

While that was drying, I started on the purple onto the invitation. I did their names and top flower design and the bottom design in separate runs. The press is small, so I wasn't able to do both the top and the bottom purple printed areas at the same time. Here is the completed invitation, on Crane's Lettra:

06 27 07 006

I then used the same die from the bottom right corner to finish the reply cards. I then did the envelopes, also in purple. Again, to save a bit of money for the couple, I used the same address die for both the reply envelopes and the outer envelope's return address. Here is the completed set pre assembly (note, the invitation here is on the Lettra, not on the luxe glass that the actual invitations are on):

McClellan-Warren Letterpress Wedding Invite Set

We got the invitation back in the mail last week all completely assembled. I haven't had a chance to take pictures with everything going on here, so definitely stay tuned for those pics. Also, I'm helping my friends Katie and Brandon out with their invitations, so I'll be sure to take more pictures as I do those!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of die cuts are those? They don't look photopolymer. Do you have good success with them?

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