Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not to ruin the reveal...

I don't want to show off these letterpress business cards until after the client has seen them, but here they are, after printing, after cutting (you can kinds see the crops on the edges), before the corner rounding. There have been a lot of these things being ordered here at Joie Studio lately, which is great. Great for me, and I think great for my clients, as nothing makes an impression (Hah! Get it???) like letterpress business cards.

But these particular business cards have kind of a fun backstory to them. Now, I don't know if I've ever shared this, but living in LA, there have been some brushes with fame. The client list I have is eclectic and fun and just a tad Hollywood. Not entirely unusual. But what's kind of weird is that at the last two major craft shows I've been in, there's been Top Chef contestant sightings. At the holiday fair, there was loveable Betty. Then up in San Mateo a month and a half ago, who should be browsing but the very good looking Ryan from this season. Honestly, I didn't barely notice him until my friend whispered after he had walked away, "That's the guy that was just kicked off of Top Chef. What is it with you and craft fairs and Top Chef?"

But anyhow, meeting nice people in the restaurant world in San Mateo has led to some really cool projects (including the cards pictured above) that I'm really excited about and have made my foodie friends jump up and down with glee. And hopefully it won't ruin the reveal too much, but this link is a hint.
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Anonymous said...

very impressive account . . . yay for you!

keeping my fingers crossed that your "top chef" letterpress connection conjures up sam from season 2 soon. ;-)

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