Friday, August 6, 2010

One way to make letterpress more affordable...

The above is a sneak peek of a wedding invitation suite we just finished. And it highlights a new addition to Joie Studio's repertoire. You have to have letterpress wedding invitations, and you want the rest of the suite to match. But you don't have enough in your budget to have every piece letterpress printed. What to do?

A new exciting thing that we've been doing to make things more affordable is flat printing onto letterpress paper. Yes, that's right. Flat printing. Flat printing on to thick, luxurious, soft and fluffy 100% cotton letterpress paper. Mind you, I have never before advocated flat printing. I am a letterpress printer, after all. And I really disliked the way the flat response card never quite matched with its super thin cardstock. But with Reich Savoy, we've been able to give our clients beautiful flat printed response cards on the same paper that we letterpress on. Being able to use the same paper for invitation and response card across multiple printing processes gives the invitation suite an overall cohesiveness. And what I do to account for color variations between flat printing and letterpress printing is I do the flat printing first and then match the ink colors to the flat printed items, so my clients get a uniformity in color and paper. The invitation is letterpress printed. And the response card is flat printed.

I think it's a wonderful way to keep uniformity amid different printing processes.

So, if you can't afford to have your whole invitation suite letterpress printed, we now have what I believe to be a really good option to help you be able to afford some of the suite to be letterpress printed and some not and still look amazing and luxe. Hybrid and flat printing are only available at the moment on Reich Savoy 118lb Bright White (we're still working on natural white). Contact us for more information!

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